Heart disease runs in my family history so I’ve always been careful to eat a healthy diet and have some sort of cardiovascular workout five or six days a week. Given my healthy lifestyle and my feeling fine, I was quite shocked to be diagnosed with stage 4 mantle cell lymphoma last year. Fortunately, I have a strong faith in God, as well as a very supportive and encouraging family and friends who continue to help me deal with the ups and downs of having a life threating illness. Also, I am greatly appreciative to have received a patient grant from GCCF to help with expenses related to my lymphoma treatments. My maximum out of pocket insurance expenses were quickly reached and travel expenses really added up as I received chemotherapy, a bone marrow transplant, and radiation treatments during the past year. Thankfully, GCCF’s grant helped relieve some of the financial burden of my illness, so I could focus on doing the things needed to help me get better. Thank you GCCF!

- Mantle Cell Lymphoma Survivor