The Cancer Patient Navigator Program

sue_cordovaThe Cancer Patient Navigator Program (“CPNP”) has been established to guide patients through the extensive and often complicated cancer treatment process. The Cancer Patient Navigator (‘CPN”) bridges the gaps in access to cancer care and treatment among the primary care physicians and cancer specialists in the South Lake County area.

The CPN is a healthcare expert who helps patients, their families, and caregivers to overcome any barriers they may face in the healthcare system and to facilitate access to all types of medical care, emotional support, and other needs as well. Navigators work with patients from diagnosis through survivorship.

The CPNP has been established as a partnership with the Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute and the InterCommunity Cancer Institute in affiliation with the Greater Clermont Cancer Foundation (“GCCF”).  It is open to all cancer patients within the South Lake County geography.  If you have any questions, Sue Cordova serves as the CPN and may be reached at (352) 978-0184 or at

How the Cancer Patient Navigator Program Works

Once the patient receives a diagnosis of cancer, the Physician will (a) inform the patient of the Program and ask the patient if they would like to receive the assistance or (b) ask the patient to meet with the CPN.

Typically, the CPN will contact the patient and schedule a face to face meeting to explain the Program. The Program is completely cost free to the patient. If the Patient chooses to enter the Program, the CPN will do an assessment of needs for the patient and immediately coordinate the scheduling of consults with the PCP, cancer specialists and support services. If the patient wishes to seek second opinions, she will immediately seek to schedule those consultations within the local community as well as those specialists outside the local area.