The Greater Clermont Cancer Foundation provides free aid and support to community needs-based cancer patients, their immediate families and caregivers in the greater Clermont and surrounding areas. GCCF strives to provide aid and services not available from other organizations. The foundation also provides cancer screenings reimbursement to underinsured and underserved residents, scholarships to young persons of cancer families as well as free educational programs and resources for the general public.

The GCCF Grants Program unfortunately does not have the funds to finance cancer treatment or drugs. It is also unfortunate that there are very few organizations that supplement the costs of cancer treatment for the uninsured and underinsured.

The costs of treatment cover a vast range, sometimes with each individual chemotherapy or radiation treatment costing several thousand dollars. Most organizations that consider financial aid limit payments specifically to reimbursing the costs of treatments and drugs. The GCCF Grants Program was created to provide limited financial grants more specifically focused on improving the life experience (and thus the healing process) of the patient, their families and caregivers, due to the physical, emotional and financial burdens caused by the disease.

Please review the following grant criteria before filling out a grant request to make sure you qualify for assistance.

Grant Criteria

Financial Grants

Cancer can be devastating not only on the patient, but can also place a great burden on the patient’s family, their spousal relationships, and the well-being of the children of cancer families. When a child is the patient, families may often overlook or be forced to compromise their personal needs and day-to-day financial obligations in order to care for the child. Children may often be forced into an absent or diminished Christmas due the overwhelming costs of unreimbursed cancer treatments. Additionally, when direct family members are unable to provide caregiver services to the patient, these duties often fall to extended family or close friends who give up a good deal of their own life and funds to provide this needed care for their loved one.

The GCCF Financial Grants Program is aimed at providing some relief to these burdens so the patient can better focus on treatment and recovery. Once approved, the cash award grants are limited and are awarded on needs-based circumstances.

Download Form 1 – Financial Grant Application

Screening & Tests Grants

Early detection and screening are the most important actions you can take to make the treatment of cancer successful. Whether male or female, each of us should be aware of the generally accepted recommendations for voluntary screenings, self-examination techniques and potential symptoms. These general recommendations are readily available from our doctors and national organizations such as the American Cancer Society. If you are in one of the categories for generally recommended screenings, you should see your doctor. If your doctor recommends screenings based on your age, symptoms, or family history, please take this seriously and schedule your tests. Some of the screening exams are simple and not very expensive. Many people, however, may have to forego early detection screenings simply because they can’t afford them without putting a financial burden on their family.

The Screening & Tests Grants are aimed at providing some relief to these burdens to help those in need of these potentially life-saving tests. The award grants are limited and are awarded on needs-based circumstances. Once approved, the grants may be paid as reimbursements or as direct payment to a community service provider.

Download Form 2 – Financial Supplement Application – Cancer Screening & Tests

Scholarship Grants

We welcome the opportunity to offer limited scholarship stipends to young cancer survivors as well as young members of cancer affected families. We want these young persons who have triumphed over the challenge of cancer to focus on the future and achieve their goals. We believe this investment will pay dividends in the creation of future careers in engineering, health care, business, education and other fields. The program is intended to allow students to pursue an undergraduate degree from an accredited  university, community college or vocational technical school.

In May 2010, the Cynthia Kinat Memorial Scholarship was established to honor and remember Cindy Kinat’s service to the Lake County School system.  These scholarships will be awarded in the same manner as the traditional GCCF scholarships, with some enhanced criteria.  Please see the application for details.

In May 2018, the Victor Hutcheson Memorial Scholarship was established to honor and remember Vic Hutcheson, our founder and past president of GCCF.  This scholarship will be awarded to students who are pursuing engineering degrees.  This scholarship will be awarded in the same manner as the traditional GCCF scholarships, with some enhanced criteria.

You may qualify if you, or a member of your immediate family, have had a diagnosis of cancer before your 21st birthday. You should also be a community high school senior currently enrolled in (or have been accepted by) an accredited university, community college or vocational technical school, or you are age 25 or younger at the time of application. All awards are evaluated based on need and availability of funds.

Download Form 4 – “Focus on the Future” Scholarship Grant Application

Download Form 4A – “Focus on the Future” Scholarship Grant Letter of Reference Form