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Just Because I Care

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  1. Thank you so much! Appreciate your generosity!

    Are you playing as well?

    If not, please provide me with your shirt sizes, so that I can make sure to get yours correct!

    Laura Henry

  2. Our friend, Lori Delsole, is selling tickets for a comedy event for November 2nd for this cause. We are unable to attend the show, but we would like to make a donation.

  3. This donation is for Two Tickets for the GCCF Bras for the Cause and Boxers too! Event in Clermont, Fl. on April 13th. Thank you.

  4. Paying for business/ designer table for Bras for the Cause. Salt and Sea Wellness Spa, The Lab Hair Studio, and House of Sheen Glam Team

  5. Got it! I will make sure that Marie is aware of this and gets it recorded.

    Laura Henry

  6. April 22, 2024
    Laura Henry, President, GCCF
    Greater Clermont Cancer Foundation
    P.O. Box 443
    Minneola, FL 34755
    Dear Ms. Henry,
    Local Government Solutions, LLC (LGS) donated $297 today to help the Greater Clermont Cancer Foundation achieve its mission, “to help cancer patients and their families in South Lake County, Florida.”
    LGS is a consulting firm focused on improving operations, leadership, and management capabilities in the local government and non-profit sectors. Our passions are creating better organizations, investing in the communities that support us, and healing the world.
    We believe that creating more positivity, hope, healing, and understanding in the world is desperately needed. We also believe that keeping money in the community from which it comes helps create success “at home.”
    Due to our beliefs, we pledge 5% of the net revenue from most of our contracts to 501(c)3 organizations within or near the communities for whom we work. In that vein, we recently completed a project for the City of Mascotte and they suggested that your organization matched our goals and passions.
    We appreciate and believe in the work that you are doing. The service you deliver goes beyond providing financial support for families in our area struck by cancer. It helps bring relief and hope to them as well. As a local family recently impacted by cancer, providing funds to your organization is especially meaningful to us. Both of my wife’s parents lost their battle to cancer, first her mother from Stage 4 breast cancer in 2006, and more recently her father from Glioblastoma in 2022. In fact, my wife was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer 10 days before her father was diagnosed with his brain cancer.
    We have gone through a lot over the last three years including surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation, experimental treatments, funerals, and the loss of a job. When my wife was originally diagnosed, someone in the community told us about your organization, but we were able to scrape by until things turned around. While we ultimately did not apply for funds, it was nice to know there was a local organization we could turn to if needed. Thankfully my wife is doing well and is almost done with her chemo maintenance medication that she’s had to endure for two years. Thank you for all that you do. This community is lucky to have such an organization.

    Alan Rosen, MPA
    Founder & CEO, Local Government Solutions, LLC
    Cc: Annamarie Reno, City Manager, City of Mascotte
    Dolly Miller, Finance Director, City of Mascotte

  7. Good morning Alan, what a journey your family has had. Please reconsider applying for a grant for your wife. While she is on maintenance she still qualifies, and we really want to help all of the patients in our geography. You can use the grant money for whatever you wish. We would be delighted if you and your wife used it to do something special together to celebrate the end of her cancer treatments! We know how stressful, expensive and time-consuming cancer treatments are, so please apply!

    I also would love to connect with you to understand more about your consulting services. We at GCCF are always looking to improve, so just let me know!

    Thank you for your generous donation as well. It really means a lot when individuals in the community reach out to support!

    Again, PLEASE APPLY!!
    Also, if you have any children that are of college age, they are eligible for scholarships which is going on right now. Trade schools also qualify.

    Just email me directly about your consulting services at the email below.

    Laura Henry

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